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Montroc Avalanche Memorial





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The Montroc Avalanche Memorial commemorates the 12 people that died during a large avalanched that hit Montroc on February 9, 1999. That year had started with good snow fall at the early start of winter followed by a long dry spell. Then on February 7, a depression crossed France bringing massive amounts of snow. Around 14:20 in the afternoon the avalanche started high above Montroc on the Montagne de Peclerey. It brought down 300,000 cubic meters of snow at a terrifying speed of 100 km/h. It completely destroyed 14 buildings and heavily damaged 6. A total of 12 lifes where lost. The local authorities were aware of the danger and had discussed plans for evacuations but did not act on time. The mayor of Chamonix was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and received a suspended sentence of 3 months in prison.

The memorial is located on the main road running from Montroc north towards Le Tour on the side of the road facing the Peclerey mountain. It consists of a stone cross and a slab with the names and ages of the 12 victims. We have no trails that pass the memorial but it can be easily reached by foot from Montroc or Le Tour.

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