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Content Submission Guidelines

These are the guidelines for submitting content to Chamonix360:

How to Submit Content

You can use our contact form to send us an email with up to 3 picture attachments. If you want to send more then just send a message and then we can discuss a way to send us more content for instance through Dropbox or other file sharing applications.

Picture Geo Data

Ideally the pictures you send us have the geo location stored in the picture files. Without this geo location in the file, we will need to manually look it up or estimate the location to the best of our abilities.


By submitting pictures, text or other content to our website you are allowing us to use the content as we see fit and for whatever purpose. Unless there is personal data contained in the photos, for instance pictures of children, we will not be obligated to remove the content you submitted at a later date upon your request. Any content you submit must be your own original work, fully owned by you. If you want to restrict the way we publish or use your content submissions then please make this very explicit in your email exchange with us. 

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