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Argentiere to Chamonix PBS


Overall rating

Below Average

Trail Length



Trail Elevation

Elevation + / -

201m / 415m

Trail Type

Trail type

Point to point

When to go on this trail

When to go

Start Apr - Mid Nov

Hiking duration for this trail

Hike duration

2.0 - 3.0 Hours

Altitude range for this trail

Altitude Range

1043m / 1281m

Technical difficulty level for this trail

Technical level

Very Easy (1/5)

Natural beauty rating for this trail

Natural beauty

Nice (3/5)

Run duration for this trail

Run duration

1.0 - 1.5 Hours

Kids age requirement for this trail


7+ Years old

Are dogs allowed on this trail


Dogs Allowed

Are there provision sources on this trail

Provision Sources

Only in main towns


This route stays very close to the valley floor and takes you from Argentiere to Chamonix via the Petite Balcon Sud (PBS). The petite balcons, which run on both sides of the valley, are a very popular route for those who want to stay close to the valley floor yet be in a very natural surrounding. The trail takes you mostly through forested areas with the occasional opening that gives a nice view of the valley and the mountains across the valley. The petite balcons are also an excellent way of exploring the many towns and hamlets in the Chamonix valley. In the case of the petite balcon sud the trail passes by the hamlet of La Joux and Les Tines and a small de tour would allow a visit to Les Praz. It is also very easy to combine the petite balcons nord and sud to make a loop walk exploring both sides of the valley. Between the two petite balcons I feel that the Petit Balcon Nord has more offer in terms of scenery and diversity. The petite balcon sud is still definitely worthwhile though.

Video of this Trail

We have made a video presentation for this trail. Please visit our channel on  YouTube and like the video and subscribe to our channel. Putting together these videos is quite a bit of work.

Photos of this Trail

We have a large library of pictures from in and around the Chamonix Valley. All pictures are categorized and geo location tagged. These are the pictures we have for this trail. Click on any picture to view it's details and location.

Trail Directions & Safety Considerations

Age requirement for kids on this trail


7+ Years old

Dog rules on this trail


We recommend to keep your dog on a leash

Best time to go on this trail

When to Go

Start Apr - Mid Nov

Risk considerations for this trail

Risk Considerations & Difficulty Assessment

This route reaches a maximum altitude of 1281m and should be generall snow free from April to November. Even with snow cover these trails will still be frequently used. Check the conditions ahead of time if you want to be sure. The Petite Balcon Sud is very well marked and the trail markers along the way will have a rectangular sign mounted on top indicating that you are on the Petite Balcon Sud. The trails itself is very easy with a few occasional steeper spots between La Joux and Les Tines opposite from Le Lavancher.

Starting point for this trail

Trail Starting Point

You can start the trail at the Argentiere Train station. There is a bus stop nearby too. In reality you can start and stop the Petit Balcon Sud on many locations along its path.

Step by step trail directions

Trail Directions

From the Argentiere Trainstation you need to cross the main road and enter the Chemin de la Corne a Bouc. This turns into a trail and the start of the petite balcon sud. From there on its just a matter of following the Petite Balcon Sud signs all the way in the same direction until you reach Chamonix. You will go down to the river level at the valley floor at Les Tines. Just pay attention that you will need to take a small fairly steep trail on your right side to go back up above the valley floor to where a new section of the PBS will start. Even if you do miss this junction, there will be many other entry points to get back onto the PBS.

Points of Interest for this Trail

We have a large database of all of the points of interests in and around Chamonix. These are the points of interest you will find along this trail:



Our Rating



Larger town located at the north-eastern end of the Chamonix Valley

Nearest town for this point of interest

Nearest Town


Altitude of this point of interest



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Les Tines


Our Rating

Above Average


Small Hamlet along the Arve river between Chamonix and Argentiere

Nearest town for this point of interest

Nearest Town


Altitude of this point of interest



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Our Rating

The Best


The best town in the world. Basecamp for all kinds of mountain and outdoor adventures

Nearest town for this point of interest

Nearest Town


Altitude of this point of interest



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3D Map & GPS

Trail Route Map & GPS

You can download the GPX file and load this route into your own GPS enabled device or application. If you are on Strava, then you can open this route in Strava and save it to your account.

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3D Map of this Trail

FATMAP in an incredible website and mobile application that you can use to view the trail in full 3D, do a fly over of the route and get a detailed vertical profile. You can view the FATMAP of this trail below and use the 'View larger map' link to visit the trail on the FATMAP website.

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