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Sights & Attractions in and around the Chamonix Valley

Chamonix is an incredible tourism destination drawing in around 5 million people per year. In winter Chamonix is a prime skiing area with credentials that date back to 1924 when it hosted the very first Winter Olympics. In summer many visitors come for the hiking, trail running, mountain biking and other mountain activities. Chamonix is also host to a number of large events like the Marathon du Mont Blanc and the UTMB World Series. In this section we will present the main sights, attracts and points of interest that Chamonix has to offer. We will focus mostly on the ones that relate to hiking and trail running and the ones that are reachable using the trails that we present on our website. You can use the search box below or check the categories we have listed.

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Summits & Cols

Summits and Mountain Passes (Cols) with amazing views


Glaciers are some of the iconic natural features of Chamonix

Towns & Hamlets

Lovely Towns and Hamlets around the Chamonix Valley


Chamonix has amazing mountain lakes that are worth visiting


Refuges offer accommodation in the mountains around Chamonix

Churches & Chapels

Beautiful Churches & Chapels with incredible histories


Beautiful Waterfalls, or Cascades, as they are called in French

Snack Bars

Buvettes are Snack Bars or Restaurants serving food and drinks

Oratories & Crosses

Small religious sites often inside towns and hamlets

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