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Trail Condition Sources & Webcams

Chamonix is a high altitude destination. This means that many higher altitude trails will have a certain degree of snow cover till late May and depending on the altitude and orientation it could even be the end of June. It is important to understand what kind of trail conditions you can expect. Below are the best resources for maximizing your understanding the trail conditions you will face.

La Chamoniarde - Mountain Information Office


This is a non profit organization with the main goal of informing visitors about trails and routes, the mountain conditions, trail conditions and all mountain safety considerations. They are the best source of information for finding a suitable trail and the trail conditions at that time. They have a big office in the center of town and its worth visiting them as part of your adventure planning.

+33 (0) 4 50 53 22 08

Chamonix Webcams

Webcams are a great way of getting a live view of what conditions are like on the mountain you are planning to visit. These are the webcams per area:

Getting Local Information

Our website lists a large number Mountain Refuges and Snack Bars. These can be a valuable resource of local information. Especially if they are along or very near to the location you plan to visit. They might be able to provide you with valuable local insights both into the weather and into the trail conditions.

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