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Usefull Contacts for Exploring Chamonix

Chamonix is a very popular tourist destination with very established tourism infrastructure and support organizations. Below we present a list of useful contacts for planning and executing your mountain adventures. We will begin with the essential emergency contact details. We suggest you save these numbers in your phone for quick and easy access. You don't want to have to google these numbers when an actual emergency occurs.

Chamonix Emergency Contacts

PGHM - Peleton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne

+33(0) 4 50 53 16 89

The Mountain Rescue. These are the people that perform rescue with helicopters and any other means.

General European Emergency Number


The general emergency number for France, Switzerland, Italy and all EU countries

Now that we got the emergency contacts out of the way, we can have a look at other useful resources for planning your stay in Chamonix:

Tourism & Mountain Specific Advice

La Chamoniarde - Mountain Information Office


This is a non profit organization with the main goal of informing visitors about trails and routes, the mountain conditions, trail conditions and all mountain safety considerations. They are the best source of information for finding a suitable trail and the trail conditions at that time. They have a big office in the center of town and its worth visiting them as part of your adventure planning.

+33 (0) 4 50 53 22 08

Chamonix Tourist Office


The Chamonix tourism office is located right across from the Chamoniarde mountain information office. So a visit to both is very easy to do. The tourist office has a ton of information including the basics on hiking and trail running and other outdoor activities. They can also refer you to guide services and other services providers. Its a big, family friendly space with free wifi and a lot of free information. There are a total of 5 tourist offices covering the Chamonix valley: Chamonix, Argentiere, Les Houches, Vallorcine and Servoz. The phone number we are listing is for the Chamonix main office. Click on the links for the other offices for locations and contact details.

If you have something you feel we should add it, then please send us a message

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