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Chamonix Interactive Map


Natural Features

Summits & Mountain Passes
Caves & Rock Formations

Man-made Features

Towns & Hamlets
Churches & Chapels
Oratories & Crosses
Statues & Monuments
Castles & Ruins

Food & Accommodation

Restaurants & Snack Bars


Cable Cars & Chairs Lifts
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This is our interactive map of the Chamonix Valley and the neighboring mountain ranges. This map is excellent to plan your next Chamonix hiking or trail running adventure. This map will show you the location of all the trails that are featured on our website. It will also provide all the natural and man-made points of interests that we have listed in our database including accommodation and food providers along the trails. Lastly, we also show the transportation lines you can use to travel to the start point of your trail or easily make your way back at the end of the trail. This includes all the mountain lifts and trains around the Chamonix Valley.

How to use our Interactive Map

The map controls are pretty self explanatory. You can use the checkboxes to select the types of items you want to show on the map. If you then press "Show Selected", the map will display the items you chose. If you want to change your selection, simply make your changes and press the show selected button again. If you want to show everything we have on the map then press the "Show All" button. If you want to clear all your selections and go back to an empty map then press "Clear All". The map itself enables you to click on the items to get a popup that shows their title and a small picture. Clicking on that will bring you to the detailed page we have on that item. You can zoom in and out on the map using the + and - icons on the top left of the map. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel then you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. If you want to move on the map, simple left click and hold the mouse button to drag the map to the area you want to see.

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