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About the Copyrights of our Photos

This website is protected by copyright law meaning that no text, images, photos, video, designs or other content of this website may be copied, duplicated or published without our express written permission. You can learn more by reading our Terms & Conditions.

When it comes specifically to the photos on our website, we identify the following types of copyright protection for our photos:

Fully Restricted

This means that the picture or image is owned by Chamonix360 and cannot be copied, reproduced or published in any way without written permission. Regardless whether, it is for personal or professional use. 

Personal Use Only

This means that the picture or image can be used for personal use as long as you do not publish it on the internet or on social media. So for instance for a school presentation or a wedding invitation.

Unrestricted Access

This means that the picture can be freely used by anyone for any purpose without the need to seek permission first. If the picture or image was not taken or created by us then the contributor has indicated that the picture is open access to anyone.

If you want to use any of the materials (text, photo, image, video) on our website, then please send us a message indicating what you want to use and where.

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