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War Monument Chamonix

War Monument




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This beautiful war memorial is located in the center of Chamonix on a little square with a park area which typically has beautiful flowers from spring to the end of autumn. That little open space is called the "Espace du souvenir Français" and sits in front of the Pointe Isabel hotel and restaurant. The memorial is located very close to the Tempel Protestant de Chamonix and you can see this building from the square the memorial is located on.

The war monument itself is dedicated to those that died in the First World War and it features a 2.5 meter tall bronze statue of a soldier on a decorated stone pedestal. The bronze statue was created by George Armand Verez in 1920 and the large stone base was provided by the Buzzolini family from Combloux. Transporting the massive base was a massive undertaking at tht time. 

There is a very nice French website detailing much of the cultural heritage of Chamonix and its valley. You can find a very nice page on the memorial and pictures of those that created it and celebrated its inauguration. You can find this page here.

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War Monument

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