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The Sanatorium Roc des Fiz monument was erected in 2019 to commemorate the the 71 people that lost their live when a landslide hit the Roc des Fiz sanatorium on April 16, 1970. The area around Plateau d'Assy had become a health resort in the early 20th century with more than a dozen sanitoriums operating in the area mostly for the treatment of tuberculosis. One of these sanatoriums for children was the Roc des Fiz which had a capacity of 180 beds. The landslide was triggered after midnight at an altitude of 1630m above the sanatorium by a combination of heavy snowfall followed by heavy rainfall. It is one of the largest landslide disasters in French history killing a total of 71 people including 56 children. In the same year the disaster happened, the building is destroyed and the debris is used to build an avalancher barrier on the nearby sanatorium Praz-Coutant. A group of family members of the victims organise themselves in the Roc des Fiz collective and decades after the disaster they finally get what they wanted, a real monument to commemerote their loved-ones. It was built in 2019 and inaugurated in 2022 after being postponed due to the covid pandamic. There was a special celebration in the nearby Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grâce in Plateau d'Assy. The monument is located on the D43 main road between Plateau d'Assy and Plaine Joux. There is trail called the Chemin du Desert de Plate which passes by the monument on its way down from the Chalets de Plate.

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